Lawlessness in Hela a concern


HELA, usually portrayed as a warzone, is not new to seeing bullets flying in all directions.
The recent fights were mostly in the Tari-Pori and Koroba areas.
It is unsafe for Papua New Guineans working and living here.
The presence of the PNG Defence Force does not fully guarantee one’s security and well-being as people don’t understand the tradition of respect.
People are being killed in the fighting areas of Tabi/Tagali, Hipuga, Tani, Purani and Koroba local level governments.
Most of the happenings here were kept untold and concealed because of no media presence.
I’m certain that most of the killings here will make headlines if a media outlet is based here.
Last month (Aug 12) a Grade 12 male student from Tari Secondary School was killed which triggered a guerrilla-style attack in retaliation.
In Koroba, four people were said to have been killed.
From the way things are, more deaths are expected.
People do not feel safe to move around within the province and that gives the impression that Hela is not a good place to conduct business, earn a living and settle down.
Tari-Pori is the most affected electorate in the province.
I don’t know how expensive high-powered guns and bullets have landed in people’s hands.
Fighting is almost considered as another competition just as other provinces are competing in education, sports and business.
I don’t know why people fight.
How does fighting benefit people?
Fighting is just useless and brings nothing but regrets and curse.
There is nothing good to gain out of fighting.
Law and order in Hela is at the brink of collapse.
Hela has potential to change but it is the few unlawful citizens who are creating chaos.

Justin Max Undi
Kerendah Village


  • Just Max Undi, it’s good you have analyse some of the issues that are happening in your home province in the media. As a citizen of Hela, have you proposed any suggestions that would help stop those issues to be address to the leaders?

  • Justin, what are your plans, visions for change and suggestions for improvement?

    Stop sounding like you’ve just landed on earth from the moon.

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