Laws destroying families, society


THE recent rise in violence against men has prompted me to air my concerns on the welfare of men in a society where our womenfolk are well protected by a seemingly biased legal system.
The surge in violence propagated by women in recent times in response to a ruthless legal system, that poses as a smoking barrel of a gun, cannot go unchallenged.
This has negatively impacted our society that was once governed by strong Melanesian cultural values and traditions prior to the adoption of the Western laws concerning the conduct and status of woman.
Ever since the bill to empower and grant legal immunity to woman became law – the behaviour of many females of our generation have gone from bad to worse.
This is evident in the number of broken marriages and shattered family units with innocent children caught in the centre of this mass social and domestic disorder.
Notable among the hideous crimes committed by women include the murders and adultery that have prevailed in recent times leading to broken homes and shattered dreams in young children.
Such a pitiful sight it is when innocent children are caught in the crossfire due to a mother’s irresponsible and egoistical behaviour that are somewhat influenced by the desires of her carnal flesh.
Laziness has also crept into the family home as most women now fail miserably to attend to their household chores knowing well that gender equity is a right that is overwhelmingly protected by a biased legal system.
Lately, a young man with a promising future has had his life cut short by a jealous girlfriend whom I believe was poised as a sitting duck in fear of the law if he was to react in self-defence.
Being educated to a certain degree – he understood the repercussions of a retaliatory attack on his girlfriend and remained defenceless and was met by a fate far worse than anything he could have imagined.
Societies are governed by various laws suited to their cultural and traditional values and the western laws, especially on the behavioural status of women, are not workable in a society like ours as observed through the eyes of all liberal Melanesian spectators.
Hence, it has proved disastrous when we blindly adopted many of the western laws without weighing out the pros and cons.
Ours was the crude mistake of failing to rigorously assess these laws for suitability in correlation to the way we function as a society.
The adoption of a new law in a diversified society such as PNG resembles the introduction of a new organism to an entirely unique and different environment which adversely affects numerous food chains leading to an all-time ecological disaster.
It is high time the government should revisit the current law to protect men as well as women for the benefit of all our people – paramount among all these is the well-being of innocent children.
Without doing so – society will continue to experience moral collapse and a decay in ethical values on a scale we have never witnessed before.

Sly Effa,

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