Lawyer files application before man’s deportation

The National,Tuesday July 5th, 2016

Malaysian businessman Peter Ling Koh Woo had filed an urgent application in the Waigani National Court to stay the cancellation of his entry permit pending his appeal to the Foreign Affairs minister before he was deported last Saturday.
Ling’s lawyer Greg Shepherd, from Young and Williams Lawyers, sought orders on Thursday to stay the cancellation, stop Ling’s deportation and have him released from custody pending the determination of his appeal.
Shepherd argued that his client’s arrest was unlawful as Ling was being served his migration charges after he was detained by Immigration and police officers.
He argued that he was harassed, intimidated and threatened by Chief Inspector Stanely Poga, an officer involved in his client’s arrest.
Barrion Kua, the lawyer representing chief migration officer Mataio Rabura, said Ling was arrested under the Migration Act and it was an immigration matter.
Justice Hitelai Polume-Kiele issued directions that matters relating to the stay of the cancellation of his entry permit would be dealt with by the minister.
“Whatever reasons for removing him or placing him in custody is an issue for the migration and it’s no longer an issue where the National Court or the district court has to make a ruling,” she said