Lawyer gives to Zifasing church, schools

Lae News, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LAWYER Kelly Naru has once again forked out from his pocket money to help villagers.
He donated K18,000 to the Zifasing village in the Wampar LLG last Sunday.
Of the gift, K10,000 would go to the Zifasing Lutheran church, K5,000 to Zifasing Primary School and K3,000 to the elementary school.
Naru took time out from his busy schedule in Port Moresby to hand the three cheques to the villagers at the same time spreading the message of giving and being blessed.
“God has expectations for us as He has given His Son to die to us, and now I ask what have we prepared to give Him this Christmas?” he said.
Naru said: “Throughout this week, we will go towards an important date in the Christian calendar which is Christmas that is a time for giving and remembering the gift of God.
“We have to love each other as God as Loved us and given us his own son in the day we celebrate as Christmas.”
Village councillor and deputy LLG president of Wampar, Hiob Langim, thanked Naru on behalf of the community.
“This is my first time to see something like this happen and even our LLG hasn’t given something like this,” he said.
Congregation chairman Yawing Darius and school headmaster, Mesak Hosea, also thanked Naru for the donation.
Darius said although Naru was a busy man, he gave time to be with the people.
“Thanks to Naru the money that the school has received will go towards development and maintenance of the run-down facilities it has,” Hosea said.