Lawyer offers to fight case

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The National, Wednesday July 31st, 2013


A HUMAN rights lawyer based in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, is offering to represent the relatives of the late William Kapris and fellow prison escapee Raphael Walimini.

A convicted bank robber, Kapris  and convicted murderer Walimini, both from East Sepik, were shot dead by police on July 22.

They had escaped from the Bomana maximum security unit on 

May 14. Lawyer Danny Gonol said yesterday the two convicted prisoners had been shot dead in questionable circumstances near the Bereina government station in Central.

Gonol said the manner in which they had been killed was not only unconstitutional but a serious breach of internationally recognised human rights.

“Nobody, including the disciplined forces, has any right to take the life of another person regardless of whether he or she is a convicted prisoner,” he said.

Gonol said Section 35 of the Constitution provided for the right to life.

He said the only exceptions were in the execution of a sentence of a court following conviction for an offence for which the penalty of death was prescribed by law.

He said the other exception was the use of reasonable force for the defence of any person from violence, or in order to effect a lawful arrest or to prevent the escape of a person lawfully detained.

He said an enquiry must be established to determine the circumstances surrounding the shootings.

“I am putting my hands up and am willing to take up the case on behalf of the late Kapris and Walimini,” he said.