Lawyer sues wife, welfare officer

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The National, Tuesday 4th June 2013


A LAWYER has sued his wife and a child welfare officer for alleged defamation.

Muriso Pokia alleged that his wife, Mendwan Yallon, and the welfare officer wrongfully accused him of not giving due care to his two-year-old child.

Pokia and Yallon were living apart and the child was in his custody. 

The issue arose when Pokia was made aware of a letter written by the welfare officer in relation to a complaint by Yallon that her husband was not giving due care to the child. 

The letter was lodged with the family and sexual violence unit at the Boroko police station. 

Pokia told Justice Cathy Davani in the National Court yesterday that the letter was defamatory and that the welfare officer’s conduct was negligent. 

However, the defense lawyer said that section 149 of the Lukautim Pikinini Act was an indemnity provision that validated the action of the welfare officer. 

He also said that Yallon had every right to complain about the welfare of her child to the Child Welfare Office. 

Justice Davani said she would hand down her decision on June 18.