Lawyers protest against increasing crime

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The National, Tuesday June 25th, 2013

 LAWYERS and Madang residents  staged a public protest against increasing lawlessness in the town and petitioned Governor Jim Kas yesterday.

Lawyer Thomas Ilaisa, who spoke on behalf of the legal fraternity, said Madang town was no longer a safe place to live and so it was not conducive to development in the province.

The fraternity raised its concerns following an attack on Madang resident judge Justice David Cannings two weeks ago.

Ilaisa said increased drugs and homebrew consumption on the streets led to crime and the courts  were experiencing an increase in cases connected to them.

“Are we, the majority of law abiding people, going to sit back, become complacent and do nothing about it and are we going to allow the thugs to rule this town?” Ilaisa asked.

“We demand that law and order prevail in our homes, in our suburbs, in our town and in Madang province for the good of all.”

He said they needed government support to take affirmative action and by good example fight law and order problems.

 “The attacks on the senior officials of the judiciary were direct attacks on the judiciary and democracy because the judges, magistrates, lawyers, CIS and police represented the rule of law,” he said.

The protesters petitioned the provincial government, demanding strong and decisive leadership to make firm and constructive decisions on the increasing squatter settlements on government land and near the city.

They want to discuss issues with stakeholders, churches, youth and women groups, the chamber of commerce and business leaders.