Laymen complete studies


FIFTEEN laymen of the Evangelical Lutheran church of PNG from the Emmanuel parish, Rongo circuit in Lufa, Eastern Highlands, recently completed a six-month Bible Studies course.
They were given 18 Bible studies manuals to use to spread the Good News to other parishioners in the parish.
Assistant circuit pastor and Lufa school inspector Peter Danga said the programme was to enrich them spiritually and empower them to do evangelism work in the parish’s eight churches.
The parish is in the Mt Michael local level government in Lufa.
Danga said the Bible study programme began last year.
The training manual was completed last month.
“The manuals are abstracts from the Bible used to train the laymen who will eventually be developed to become evangelists.
“Their training manuals are also connected to the trainings for evangelists and pastors,” Danga said.
“They will concentrate in the rural districts and circuits.
“Each participant will return to their churches and use the study manuals to preach the Good News to the people.
“We will continue similar Bible study programmes in the new year.”
The theme is: Do God’s work under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.