Laziness national issue


PRIME Minister James Marape says one challenge that the country faces is complacency.
“We ourselves do not work honestly with integrity,” he said.
“We embrace corruption, ‘wantok system’ and ruin ourselves.”
In his Christmas message, Marape said: “I give you my commitment that I will not take a break this Christmas.
“I am prepared, as your Prime Minister, to work long hours to ensure that I clean the inefficiencies in the public service bureaucracy machinery.”
Marape said work should start with everyone to ensure people were given decent and quality education, healthcare and improved infrastructure connecting PNG.
“These are the programmes that we have in place and I want every citizen to work hard for your country,” he said.
“Our country faces many challenges in deterioration of roads, hospitals and lack of proper medication.”
He said the Government is aware and has done an assessment of the challenges.
Marape said the Government was putting programmes with the successful conclusion of the 2019 Supplementary Budget and have also drawn down the 2020 Budget.
“This 2020 Budget is the first of 10 budgets to come for the country,” he said. “Your Government will do what we can to help our country to a better place.”
Marape said all children should have equal opportunity in education, employment, business and services.
“That is the future I look forward to but the work must start now.”
“Hope is something that I can take with me and I will ensure that our country is never the same again.”


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