Leach dismayed at men’s views

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The National, Monday 27th May 2013


NATIONAL haus krai organiser Rev Stephen Michael Leach says he is dismayed at  Papua New Guinean men expressing “fears” and “concerns” that the Women Arise movement will lead to “feminism” and “men losing respect”.

“The Women Arise movement, and in turn the national haus krai,  wasn’t birthed out of feminism but rather it was birthed out of a desire to see a end to gender-based violence and to ensure the survival of women in this nation,” he said.

“Papua New Guinean men should be more concerned about ensuring the survival of their daughters than moaning about the ‘loss of respect’.

“If you will begin to treat your women with respect you will receive respect in return.

“If you will honour them they will honour you.

“Stop complaining and sowing seeds of fear concerning feminism and loss of respect.

“This isn’t about maintaining your position this is about eradicating gender-based violence and ending the daily bloodshed we witness across this nation. 

“Humble yourself, work with your women to end violence, and then we can discuss respect and position.

“Your fear of ‘feminism’ is nothing compared to the fear that was felt by an eighty-year-old mother when she was raped by an 18-year-old Papua New Guinean man or the fear felt by a nine-year-old daughter of this nation who was raped within sight of the Parliament Haus.

“And as for respect, my American wantok wasn’t respected while she was being raped by nine Papua New Guinean men, they decided it would be great to chop her hair off to the scalp and save it as a souvenir of their brutality. 

“If you want respect, protect your women.

“If you to be honoured as the head of the house, put food on the table and love your wife, singular not plural, as Christ loved the Church. 

“Christ loved the Church so much that He gave His very life to cover and protect Her.”

“You cannot demand submission and obedience until you first manifest that same degree of love.”