‘Leader’ and ‘member’


THIS is my own observation on the commonly-used terms ‘leader’ and ‘member’.
These words are used loosely or interchangeably.
The leadership quality of the leader is self-made, inbuilt and earned by merit.
It is not hereditary but is earned by his own conduct, personality character and behavioural outfits.
Leadership is not bought but is earned.
The other loosely used word is ‘member’. A member is a member.
He is a member of a group.
A member is a group member of a prescribed group.
A member is a member of an interest group, a policy matter or a defined group.
It can be a member of a board, a policy group, or an office like Parliament.
The term of a member is prescribed to a fixed duration.
A member is appointed.
A member is not a leader.
A leader is found within a group of members to lead the members as chairman.
We needs leader to run the affairs of nation state.

Yapi Akore, Southern Highlands