Leader applauds new bridge

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013


A LOCAL youth leader from the Nawaeb electorate, Morobe, has applauded the recent groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new bridge to link Bukawa villages.

Busi Esong Kwasam, from the Aluki village, in the Labuta local level government of Bukawa, said the original bridge had been washed away by floods some years ago and people had a hard time, especially women, in going to Lae to sell their produce.

He said school children  crossed the river to go to school.

“The bridge was initially washed away by the Busoc River,” Kwasam said.

“Since then, nothing has been done to replace the bridge until the recent groundbreaking ceremony by government officials.

“I commend the government for its commitment in building infrastructure and other developments they are embarking on in the country, especially in rural and remote areas.”

He said there had not been a single proper road built in the area for decades.

Another community leader and truck owner, who provides transport to the Labuta area, George Yawasing, said the government’s decision to rebuild the bridge came at a time of need.