Leader backs people choosing president

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 24th April 2013

 NIPA Basin local level government president David Navur supports the government’s decision to empower people to elect council presidents.

The two-term president told The National yesterday from Nipa, Southern Highlands, that he spent substantial amounts of money and resources in the past council elections to retain his position.

“I spent big money and resources to lobby around just to get my title back; after being the president, I didn’t get this money back,” Navur said.

He said his family had suffered because there was no special allocation, especially for council presidents, to get their refund on funds spent.

“I support the idea where the people will elect the presidents because this will save us, the presidents, from wasting our family’s savings and resources.”

Navur said that to be more transparent in the distribution of goods and services, it was better to allow people to elect council presidents.

He said by doing so, the presidents would be fair in the distributions of goods and services.

“If the people reject me, that’s fine; I will accept the defeat and concentrate on my private life,” he said.

He added that some council presidents were against the government’s decision they were likely to lose their seats.