Leader calls for disaster centres

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The National, Thursday October 31st, 2013

 A FORMER kiap has suggested that a disaster coordinating centre be set up on the border of East and West New Britain to monitor volcanic activities.

Martin Bakamui is from Bago ward in the Central Inland Pomio local level government, Pomio district, which lies along the fringes of Mount Ulawun in West New Britain.

The volcanic eruption in 1980 greatly damaged areas within 2,000 hectares from the volcano’s fringes.

Bakamui called on provincial authorities to assist in the monitoring of the volcano. He said villagers living around the volcano’s perimeter were always at risk of a volcanic eruption.

He said disaster awareness conducted by officials in West New Britain did not include their villages.

He said a recent four-day workshop in Kokopo, facilitated by disaster officials from the National Disaster Centre, in Port Moresby, was vital for him and others living along the border.

Bakamui said he wanted authorities in East New Britain to put in place a contingency plan for a community which was growing rapidly. 

He suggested that training on evacuation, setting up of care centres should be carried out with a follow-up of the disaster contingency plan for the border communities.