Leader challenges electorate split plans

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The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

MORE than 47,000 people in Western Highlands’ Anglimp sub-district do not want to be split from South Waghi.
People said they wanted to remain with South Waghi as one electorate.
The people voiced this concern after being told by the provincial authority that South Waghi would become part of the proposed Jiwaka province and Anglimp would become part of Hagen Central and a part of Western Highlands.
Jeffery Puri, a youth leader from Anglimp said yesterday their MP was Jamie Maxtone-Graham and they did not want to be kicked around like soccer ball.
Puri, who claimed to speak on behalf of other youths and people in his sub-district said people did not support the proposed split.
He said they wanted to stay together with South Waghi in the new Jiwaka province.
He said the people did not want to become part of Hagen Central because it was already densely populated.
Puri said if they were to split, “then Anglimp district must become an electorate of its own in the Western Highlands provincial government”.
He said people now confused about which side they were on.
Puri said there was no clear indication on the issue from the National Boundary Commission or the provincial government.
He said clearing the air on the issue would greatly help the people and intending candidates to prepare for next year’s elections.