Leader concerns about oil, gas leakages

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A LEADER from Mora Melaripi village in Gulf’s Ihu district has expressed concern about the proposed oil and gas pipeline for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) project that would run through the sea in Gulf to Papa and Lealea villages in Central’s West Hiri district.
Henry Meae who claimed to speak on behalf of his people said they were concerned that, if there be a leakage in the pipeline, the oil and gas would destroy the marine life which they depended on for living.
He is appealing to Governor Havila Kavo to look into the matter and come up with another route for the pipeline which they preferred to be on the land.
“We want the pipeline to be diverted to the land so that our people can benefit. The sea is part of the international waters including the air space which the government owns and would benefit from and not the people,” he said.
He said awareness on the benefits and impacts of the LNG project must go out to all the people of Gulf.
“Our land must be preserved for future generations. There are certain people from Gulf who are only looking at the good side of it (LNG) and not the bad side,” he said.
Meanwhile, Meae has also commended the Gulf government for paying the school fees for Gulf students studying in all tertiary institutions including universities.
He said the students were the province’s assets and thanked Kavo for taking the initiative to pay their school fees.
He added that past governments had not done anything as such for Gulf students and this was the first time.