Leader gives K2,000 to tribe

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 19th of February, 2014

A COMMUNITY leader from Sugu Valley, in Southern Highlands, has given K2,000 to the Kambia tribe to build new homes after a tribal fight destroyed their village.
Marcus Kamali said in Mt Hagen he was happy to help after learning that both tribes had decided to allow their children to go to school while the peace process was in progress.
The Wambea tribe launched a surprise attack on the Kambia tribe last November killing more than 30 people with the use of a hand grenade.
The Kambia tribe vacated their village and lived in neighbouringvillages.
Kamali is a member of a committee working to restore peace between the two tribes.
He welcomed the decision by the leaders of the two tribes to allow their children to attend school.
“I was happy with what was said because education is very important in the lives of people.
“This is helping us the working committee to restore peace quickly so that people can return and live their normal life,” Kamali said.
He said Sugu Valley, in the Kagua-Erave electorate, would soon witness a big peace ceremony with the help of local MP James Lagea and Governor William Powi.
Kamali said the 12,000 people from the eight tribes in Sugu Valley were happy with the decision by the two tribes to make education a priority.