Leader: Make payment arrangements with utilities

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday February 25th, 2014

 A COMMUNITY leader has called on the Rabaul district administration to make recompensing arrangements with Water PNG and PNG Power Ltd.

Sir Ronald ToVue, the community representative in the Rabaul joint district planning and budget priorities committee (JDP&BPC), said the district should sign recompensing contracts with PNG Power Ltd and Water PNG so that funds collected for the use of these public utilities could be shared by the districts and the two entities.

Sir Ronald said districts were spending a lot of money to construct water supply projects and rural electrification programmes which the two entities benefit from.

He was responding to reports on the progress of the district rural electrification programme and the Tavui-Nonga water supply extension project.

K300,000 was paid to Water PNG in 2011 for the extension of the water supply from Nonga to Tavui but work did not proceed until this year. 

Funds for this project were sourced from the Rabaul Volcano Victims Trust Account.

K200,000 was approved at the recent JDP&BPC meeting to proceed with phase two and three of the rural electrification programme.

The meeting was informed that K600,000 has been approved by the Rabaul District Project Management Team for the procurement of 2,000 meter servicing kits to be facilitated by Arpi Ltd.