Leader queries gun laws’ effectiveness

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FIREARM laws in the country are not strong enough because firearms are being used openly in killing people and destroying properties in Highlands provinces is increasing, a leader in Western Highlands province said.
Community leader, Simon Kama speaking last Friday at a gathering held by the Moge Pangumb tribe at the Palimprui village outside Mt Hagen, said police were doing little about this fact.
Mr Kama and his Pangumb clansmen had their houses torched by angry Moge Nambka tribesman as a result
of a drunkard brawl on New Years Eve at a popular nightclub in Mt Hagen.
 He said during the raid, about 20 firearms were used.
Mr Kama said this was sufficient evidence thatgun laws in the country were not strong enough, thus, giving more power to the people to use it openly.
He also raised concerns that no arrest had been made so far by the police even though the incident happened almost two weeks ago.
Mr Kama called on relevant authorities to look into the gun legislation to minimise gun related problmes and address their (Pangumb’s) current situation.