Leader queries liquor operation

The National, Friday July 15th, 2016

A COUNCILLOR in the Lae Urban LLG is concerned that a liquor outlet in the heart of the city has been operating without her consent and has caused problems in the community.
Ward 2 councillor Carol Yawing said the liquor outlet has been operating even while the building was still undergoing construction.
She said Ward 2 was located in the heart of the city and the liquor shop caused problems.
This illegal operation is contributing to the never-ending alcohol related issues in the community.
She said the owner of the outlet bypassed her and went directly to the chairman of the provincial liquor licensing board of the provincial government to get a permit to trade.
“There was no agreement between me and the ward councillor and they just went ahead and authorised a licence. It was issued to (outlet named) on the 20th last month while the building was in construction, she said.
“Currently the building is in operation and I am questioning the liquor licensing chairman as a ward councillor, why they bypassed me and issued the licence.
“Where does it say in the clause of the council that they can bypass me and go ahead and issue licences without my knowledge and consent?
“I represent the community and on behalf of the community as their leader I want the proper documents to be presented to me, or else revoke the licence.
Following protocols is very important when it comes to running such a business.
“Because of the law and order issues arising from the area mothers selling their items were removed.
The building of the liquor shop is situated in a residential area.
The authorities must clarify why they issued the liquor licence to a shop located in a residential area, if not the licence must be revoked.”