Leader queries reshuffle in police hierarchy

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The National, Monday 05th December 2011

A COMMUNITY elder from Kamkumung village in Lae has criticised changes to the police hierarchy in Lae and Morobe.
Theo Aisen said although he respected that the new appointees could be the
most qualified for the job, “their originating from the Highlands region is a concern right after the recent ethnic unrest in Lae between Morobeans and Highlanders”.
Aisen questioned whether there were qualified police officers from other provinces who could have taken over the posts, especially that of the Lae metropolitan commander and provincial police commander.
Policemen in Lae said usually in the past, changes were circulated through a memo from headquarters but this time, they only learnt of the changes through the media.
Aisen said police bosses at headquarters should have been more sensitive to the reasons behind the law and order issues in Lae and made appropriate changes.