Leader speaks out against use of weapons

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The National, Monday October 14th, 2013


The use of weapons to attack people and animals is becoming common in Wewak, East Sepik, a women community leader says.

Kerran Mamali, of Wewak Point and community leader from the area, said last Friday that youths using offensive weapon to attack innocent people was becoming too common in the community.

Mamali said youths had invented new weapons that they tried on animals, especially dogs.

She described the weapons “a crossbow arrow used in a sling shot”.

“The shooter can stand from very far out as these arrows can travel as far as 100 metres,” Mamali said.

“This kind of practice is not good because very soon they (youths) might be using these weapons to attack people,” Mamali said.

She made the comment regarding an incident that occurred last Friday afternoon at Wewak Point when some youths killed a dog using sharp-pointed wire arrows.

She said ward councillors in the Wewak Urban local level government should take this seriously and discourage it.

“We must do something to stop this as responsible leaders,” she said. 

She said as a mother and woman, she was concerned about the behaviour of the youths.

“I am calling on the police in Wewak to make regular patrols to Wewak Point every weekend,” Mamali said.

She appealed to youths to identify those involved so they could report the matter to the police.