Leader threatens Kokoda Trail closure

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 10th April, 2013


IJIVITARI MP David Arore has threatened to close parts of the Kokoda Trail next month in protest over the lack of development in Northern.

In particular, he is concerned about the poor conditions of roads and bridges which he thinks should be fixed by the Australia government as a token of its appreciation of assistance offered by locals during WWII.

He said the closing of the trail could save the lives of Australian tourists and students who visit from natural calamities such as flood waters where there are not bridges.

“I will not hesitate to close down the Buna, Sanananda and Girua stretch of Kokoda Trail,” he said.

The bridges are at Pogani, Girua, Double Cross, Embara and Kamusi. He named the road as Buna-Sanananda, Ariko-Sirimi and the Kokoda highway.

He said the people had been patronised by the Australians as the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels since 1942.

“There is lack of development of good roads and bridges constructed by the Australians as a token of appreciation to help our people,” Arore said.