Leader urges calm in Tari

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The National, Friday 7th June 2013


PEOPLE in Hela have been warned to maintain the peace during the hearing of the election petition between Finance and Education Minister James Marape and petitioner Jonny Philip.

The National Court began the hearing on Tuesday at Tari, the capital of the new province.

Community leader Timothy Hayara urged people to stay calm during the court proceedings.

“I want us to respect our province and maintain peace and let the court to decide on it,” Hayara said.

He said it was the first time an election petition case was heard in the province.

“Our police manpower is not enough to contain any problems between the supporters,” Hayara said.

He urged Marape and Philip to tell their supporters to stay away from Tari town and the court house.

“Judges and the court will decide on this matter and I’m appealing to each and every one of us to calm down and show our respect, that is where we can maintain the good name of our new province,” Hayara said. 

He said Tari was the provincial capital of Hela and there were a lot of people from other centres living and working there.