Leader wants eviction of ‘undesirable’ people

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The National, Friday 3rd May 2013

 A LAE community leader wants the Morobe provincial government to legalise the eviction of “undesirable” people from the city and province.

“Maybe not mass eviction as demanded in the petition, but indiscriminate and compulsory eviction of undesirable elements is an effective and long term solution to Lae’s deteriorating law and order situation,” Nawaeb law and order community chairman Pesa Takos said.  

“I urge Governor Kelly Naru and his government to seriously pursue this agenda and make it a law in this province urgently. 

“With such a law, whether you have been living here forever or just migrated in, you’re from the highlands or islands, you stand to lose everything if you knowingly harbour an undesirable person in your home.

“It is time people are held accountable for their every action and decision.”

Governor Naru reiterated yesterday that immediate eviction of Western Highlanders was legally impossible but his government was considering alternative options such as that put forward by Takos.

“Yes, we are besieged by escalating law and order problems and yes we need to make a bold stand,” Naru said. “In fact, my government had already made its stand to empower and protect the interest, properties and lives of Morobeans.

“The PEC (provincial executive council) policy directives such as the 60/40 PMV permit quota and one-man-one-block land allocation are all in existence and are being implemented.”

Takos also expressed disappointment at the response of Lae MP and Community Development Minister Loujaya Toni over the killing of late Pastor Kewa Michael.

“The man died because he was protecting innocent women from drunken men and how can the minister responsible for women affairs say she is a legislator and not a policeman to deal with such matters?”