Leader wants lawlessness addressed

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The National, Tuesday 12th February, 2013

LAWLESSNESS is getting out of control in PNG, a senior government minister says.
Public Service Minister Sir Puka Temu told parliament last Friday that tougher laws and measures were urgently needed to control the situation.
He was referring to the killing of a young woman who was accused of killing a boy through sorcery in Mt Hagen last week.
“We have seen serious problems in our society that are getting out of hand and nothing is done to address it,” Sir Puka said.
“Really, the country is going insane.
“The laws need to change to suit the changing times to provide suitable livelihood of people.
“Recent accounts have shown that government officers are involved in bad practices.
“That is outright unlawful.
“The government must not ignore this,” he said.
Sir Puka pointed out recent incidents involving government officers, including an eviction of a family at Hohola in Port Moresby.
 A family member who had been sick and forced to sleep in the street, died.
He said the government should review all laws that were outdated and change the mentality of people so that they could respect each other’s rights.
Sir Puka told parliamentarians that as legislators, they were mandated to make appropriate laws and policies to enable the people to live in peace and harmony.