Leader warns vandals

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VANDALS who sabotaged the power pylons along the Lae Nadzab road will have their fingers chopped off before being handed over to police for prosecution.
This was the stern message from Yalu village community leader Benson Nablu yesterday during a meeting between the community and PNG Power Limited (PPL) workers.
The matter would be dealt with traditionally, headed by village leaders from Yalu before the culprits are handed over to police.
Mr Nablu said he was embarrassed after learning of what a number of youths from the village had done to sabotage eight PPL pylons.
Following another meeting between PPL officers, police and the community last week it was resolved that power would be restored to the villages.
This was done last week Friday.
PPL regional manager Watson Naso assured the villagers that power supply was back in normal operation.
PPL workmen would  be working towards changing all wooden pylons to steel poles to avoid likely damages in the future.