Leaders’ inaction irks landowners

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The National – Friday, June 24, 2011

A GROUP of landowners at the nation’s capital want to close down a water treatment plant because their demands in a petition have not been met by their political leaders.
The Koiari landowners have threatened to shut down the Eda Ranu water treatment plant at Mt Eriama after no response was given to their petition.
The petition was in relation to the recent death of a Koiari in Bautama, NCD.
They demanded an immediate response and the presence of their MP Paru Aihi and NCD Governor Powes Parkop.
They claimed the deadline for the demands in their petition was today.
No comments could be obtained yesterday from Aihi and Parkop.
NCD Metropolitan commander Supt Joseph Tondop, who faced the aggrieved group at the gates of the treatment plant, told them that their gathering was illegal.
The landowners stood their ground saying they were fighting for their rights.
Tondop agreed that the  leaders who received the landowners’ petition should act quickly.
The landowners admitted that the site was government property and all they wanted to do was stage a peaceful protest.
Tondop urged the group to sit and talk with their leaders.
Eda Ranu said its operation had not been hindered and it would continue to supply water to the city.
The situation at the site was tense but police presence helped calm people.