Leaders being let off too early, says Wenge

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The National – Wednesday, December 15, 2010

THERE are increasing serious breaches of the constitution in recent years, particularly, by constitutional office holders, Morobe Governor Luther Wenge said.
He said those who breached the constitution must be severely dealt with.
Wenge, whose provincial government succeeded last Friday in court in nullifying the reappointment of Sir Paulias Matane as governor-general, said leaders who blatantly broke the law must be held accountable.
“They should be the first to lead by example; good example, of course, but if you, as a leader, set a bad example then you should be dealt with sternly.”
He added: “In a civilised society, leaders must be the ones to comply with the law.
“They must be the last ones to break the law. But in PNG’s case, leaders are the first ones to break the laws and this is very sad.”
Wenge made reference to Speaker Jeffery Nape in the election process but noted the Supreme Court ruling that “Jeffery Nape as the speaker did not intentionally breach the constitution”.
“What Nape engineered, the parliament did; and it unconstitutionally reappointed Sir Paulias as the governor-general,” he said.
Meanwhile, intervener in the matter, Ronald Rimbao, who was one of four candidates as nominees for GG, also called on the respective authorities, particularly, the Ombudsman Commission, to look into the constitutional breach by Nape.