Leaders blamed for land disputes


WE are tired of seeing our elected leaders drawing small circles, accommodating only a few groups of people, siding with them and leaving out the rest.
The leaders are the ones creating problems among us.
The leaders are the ones leading good leaders astray.
I read in The National (Feb 26) that landowners are being urged to form ILGs. However, people should know that there cannot be two ILGs for one piece of mapped land.
The Yantas and Hengambus did not have problems registering their interest on the land in dispute because it is not their land.
The PIUs went early, registered the land and got their ILG certificate in 1996.
Then when the law was ammended, the PIUs renewed their ILG certificate in 2017 and had it gazetted. No one challenged, argued or disputed their registration.
Now, our leaders are telling our brothers the Yantas and Hengambus to go ahead and form their ILGs.
How can we trust our elected leaders if this is what they are doing?
I suggest that the Yantas, and Hengambus apologise to PIUs because PIUs are seen as the principal landowners who registered their ILG with the support of evidence and witnesses.
Do not go further because it can lead to bloodshed.
We, the people of Morobe, are proud of you.
Create peace among yourselves and let the mine operate for the good of the people of Morobe and its government.

PK Anding
Sarewaget ranger