Leaders condemn attack on doctor

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The National, Friday 21st September 2012

COMMUNITY leaders at the Piswara and Banana Block settlements in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, have condemned the attack on a doctor at the Goroka Base Hospital.
Brothers Oscar and Saka Zugu are expected to appear in court in relation to the attack. They were arrested earlier.
Leaders Johannes Apus and Olos Ufo said the attack on Dr Tony Sonson was unwarranted and  praised the police for apprehending and charging the suspects.
“The attack came about
because security at the hospital ground is low. The security arrangement must be reviewed and a better-performing security firm be engaged,” they said in a statement.
“Security guards are only manning the main gate and do not bother to patrol the hospital pre­mises, including the wards.
“The attack on our doctor could have been prevented had the guards did their work.
“This is very poor performance and the hospital board must seriously review the security contract and engage a firm that can perform to expectations by protecting the lives of all hospital workers and patients.”
Apus and Ufo said the Goroka facility boasts many specialists, and incidents like this could have a lot of repercussions, particularly on the health of the people in Eastern Highlands and nearby provinces.