Leaders converge despite power and water outages

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TWENTY-six law and order proponents converged on the Momase regional training centre at Bumbu Police Barracks in Lae yesterday for a leadership and law and order workshop, despite the power outrage and water shortage.
The blackout and water shortage did not hinder them as they converged at the centre as early as 7am yesterday for the classroom learning process.
It was dark inside but the windows supplied enough lights, air conditioning was replaced with natural air coming through the windows and they had relieved themselves before finding out that the taps had run dry.
These leaders were from ward one of Lae urban local level government and 15 and 16 of Ahi, around Kamkumung settlements and back road blocks.
The workshop was held to equip leaders to address the issues of law and order which leaders feared  would get out of hand if not addressed properly.
Workshop initiator Jacket Tuu said it was their belief that since they were at their community level, it was best to address the issue as soon as possible rather than later.
Mr Tuu said many crimes were committed by unemployed youths from settlements and the only option now was for leaders to tackle these problems at their level.
“It is about maintaining law and order in their own communities in partnership with police.
“We have witnessed petty crimes every day in our communities and we are already sick and tired of them.
“We, the leaders of the settlements, want to work in partnership with police to eradicate lawlessness,” he said at the start of the week-long workshop.
The course is being facilitated by the police trainers with assistance of community policing officers under the supervision of Snr Insp Joseph Noah.
Police trainer Sgt James Luan said it was a pilot course for community leaders at the training cell and the information they will acquire during theory would help them become good leaders in their communities.
“It is about their roles and responsibilities in the communities, process of addressing conflict, the powers of citizen arrests and the functions of the court system,” he said.
During the opening, Momase police chief, APC Giossi Labi said he was pleased with the initiative taken by the leaders to address lawlessness.