Leaders to ensure trekkers comply with rules


THE Koiari local level government and the Central government will set up a checkpoint at Ower’s Corner from April to check the maximum weight carried by porters.
Koiari local level government president David Ogi in a letter to the chief executive of the Kokoda Track Authority James Enage said the maximum weight to be carried by Papua New Guinea porters should be 18kg.
“With effect from April 1 this year, the Koiari LLG and the Central Government will be establishing a checkpoint at the Ower’s Corner.
“Licensed Kokoda tour operators must be advised that we will be strictly applying the following rules for all trek groups.
“The maximum weight to be carried by Papua New Guinea porters will strictly be 18 kilograms. All porters engaged by licensed Australian tour operators are to be provided with a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat and wear a T-shirt that clearly identifies the company they are trekking with.”
Tour operators who fail to comply with these provisions will not be allowed to trek from Ower’s Corner.
“These provisions are in accordance with the motions approved unanimously by all Papua New Guinea tour operators at the KTA tour operators’ forum held in Port Moresby on Nov 7 last year,” he said.
Ogi said local porters engaged by some Australian tour operators in the past carried loads of up to 30kg which was a concern raised at the forum.

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