Leaders failed to hear the people’s cries

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 08th November 2011

YOUR editorial yesterday “Everyone has failed on Eriku” hits the nail on the head as it could not be further from the truth.
Leaders at all levels of government and state institutions tasked to maintain law and order such as the police force have failed the people of Lae and Morobe mise­rably.
It is rather ironic that we should now have the prime minister, his police minister and acting police commissioner come out together and warn of military rule when the problem has been brewing right under their noses for such a long time.
If they had care to notice, countless stories of violence, robbery, rape and intimidation were continually reported and published by victims and concerned citizens for a very long time as highlighted by The National.
And while I do not condone any form of violence, I am a firm believer that if the government cannot protect its innocent law-abiding citizens from unlawful and violent criminal acts perpetrated by people with no self-dignity and respect for others, then the majority who are law abiding will rise and fight for their rights to keep peace and harmony within their communities.
With the now heavy police presence in Lae, we can only hope that order will prevail so businesses and people’s lives can return to normal.
However, the lesson for the government and those in authority is to take heed and move quickly to answer its people cries for help so we do not have a repeat of the Lae violence again.
What the violence has highlighted once again is the ugly
face of regionalism with many innocent people losing lives and property.
This should not be allowed to happen again.
Growing illegal squatter settlements in major towns and cities must be eradicated by the government because PNG is sitting on a time bomb.
Let Lae be a lesson for all of us.

Fellow citizen
Port Moresby