Leaders: Goroka town dirty

Highlands, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

THE general condition of Goroka town have gone from bad to worse as authorities are paying no attention, it has been claimed.
Community leaders raised serious concerns that the Eastern Highland government and Goroka town authority had done nothing to address the situation.
Former governor Aita Ivarato, former minister and Unggai-Bena MP Sir Akepa Miakwe and prominent Goroka leader Auwo Ketauwo fronted up at The National’s Goroka office to raise the concern.
They said Goroka was once a peaceful and clean town but under the current political and administrative leadership the town has gone from bad to worse.
Ivarato, from Okapa, said people were littering the town with no regard for rules and regulations.
“There is no proper policing of rules and regulations by rules inspectors, people are spitting betelnut everywhere with drug abusers walking the streets fearlessly.
“Our Goroka market, once vibrant, is now becoming a health hazard,” Ivarato said.
He called on Governor Malcolm Smith Kela and his administration to get to the basics of these problems and improve the image of the town.
Ketauwo said the Goroka town authority must explain why there are piles of rubbish heaped everywhere and pigs roaming around the market place.