Leaders hold prayer session, seek guidance


LEADERS of various churches held a joint prayer session with Community Development and Religion Minister Wake Goi and his staff yesterday, to ask for guidance and protection for the country in light of the global coronavirus pandemic.
PNG Council of Churches general-secretary Roger Joseph, Catholic Church Cardinal Sir John Ribat, Salvation Army director major Bugave Kada and Goi called on Papua New Guineans to remain clam, stay positive and have faith and pray that the virus would not greatly affect the country.
Sir John said in times of need God was the strength Christians could rely on.
“I appeal to people to get together and pray for the situation and protect each other from the virus entering the country,” Sir John said.
Joseph said practical steps taken to protect from contracting or spreading the virus such as personal hygiene and keeping a safe distance from others needed to be adhered to by everyone.
He said the power of prayer also had both a claiming and healing affecting and people could do this.
Goi said the coronavirus pandemic had caused deaths around the world and there was a general fear and concern everywhere.
He appealed to Papua New Guineans to be vigilant in everything they did and take precautions wherever possible to minimise the risk of contracting the disease.
He supported the churches saying, aside from following proper safety and hygiene procedures to protect against the virus, prayer and turning to faith, to God was also worth doing.

One thought on “Leaders hold prayer session, seek guidance

  • The only answer is prayer, spent more time to pray, for protection, God is protecting his own Word, a prophetic word released in 2011, THE FIRST PHOTOCAL KINGDOM NATION IN THE WORLD, wants make this Nation a Holy Nation so is doing what he is doing to protect this nation from CORONA VIRUS not entering……..

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