Leaders move labelled ‘selfish’


THE movement by leaders from Government to the Opposition is to form the alternate government in the coming weeks in the motion of no confidence.
The detached members were blindfolded by greed and self-interest.
Unknowingly they are separating themselves from the true leaders of this country who will stand the test of time and sacrifice their life and leadership for the benefit of the 7 million plus people in this country.
Citizens should know by now if their leaders are worthy to carry their leadership baton and flag after 2022.
Nature has taken its course to separate the corrupt from the just so that PNG will discern their true leaders from fake leaders come 2022.
Prime Minister James Marape has done great things so far through reviewing our natural resource laws and enacting the independent commission against corruption law which will protect our interest in resource development in the future.
I call on leaders in Opposition to reconsider your decision and do it for the people not for money and wealth.
Do it for your children and the silent majority in rural areas rather than selling your mandate and birthright to foreigners and crooked leaders who have a history of stealing from this great nation.
You decide now for us and we’ll decide for you in 2022.
Remember, your decision now is plain and simple, money won’t buy your guilt and trust in 2022 so do it right.

E. Kaile,
Political Observer ,
Kundiawa – Mirane Village


  • E.Kaile-your observation belief is inactive-Your are not comparing things in the best interest of this nation.
    Generally,,I see that our leaders were Millionaires before entering into politics.May be only few .They’re not after money,Lets not get them wrong.
    We’ve seen a great change after 40 years of darkness.That should be greatly commended nation wide .Not even a single word of thanks offered to the great changers on groung.Are we really blinded folded or are been bribed by greed and jealousy .Com e PNG ..The opposition has made a great move-COME ON LEADERS YOU ARE COMMENDED-Go ahead and form the new alternate government..

  • Mark – you’re observation and comments is in itself very shallow too – you seem to be supporting the opposition to form a new government – what will they achieve in the remaining 18 months? Ba ol wokm miracle na ogeta samting ba orait na country ron gut?

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