Leaders must be innovative: Moroi

Normal, Papua


CENTRAL province Governor Alphonse Moroi indicated to district public servants and LLG members gathered in Tapini last Friday that the provincial government will provide other development support to the districts and LLGs only when leaders at these levels are innovative and take it upon themselves to continue to provide services with the limited resources they have.
Mr  Moroi indicated that too often district support from the provincial and national governments worth huge amounts of money had gone to waste due to poor planning and management by those who were supposed be providing Government and public services at the rural level.
“Due to the remoteness and difficulty to reach Government stations during unfavourable climate conditions, it was crucial that leaders at districts and sub-districts begin prioritising their activities to suit natural challenges and immediate needs of the people so that at least vital services are being provided.”
Mr Moroi was speaking at the presentation of a Toyota Landcruiser worth more than K103,000 to the Tapini local level government.
Mr Moroi also announced that work would soon commence on a feeder road from Iluavai village to the Kerau Catholic mission this year at the cost already earmarked worth K300,000
Meanwhile, acting district administrator for Titus Girau supported calls by Mr Moroi urging that the use of the vehicles was not to transport the ward councillors for their personal trips but to ensure villagers from wards in the LLG take their garden produce to the nearest local markets or to Port Moresby.
He reminded the people to make use of the transportation system and ensure they paid a reasonable amount of fees for transportation of their goods to the nearest market.
Mr Girau had assured that the public services would pick up in the district to ensure there were continued basic services to the people in its three sub-districts.
He said public servants who had deserted their post had been instructed to return to Tapini to continue provision of services that they were being paid as public servants to carry out.