Leaders must have charisma

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday April 21st, 2016

 THERE are five myths of leadership.

These are: (1) Leaders are born, not made; (2) Leadership by providence; (3) Leadership is the result of a charismatic personality; (4) Leadership is the product of a forceful personality; and (5) Leadership is the result of special training. 

From these, I will rule out myth 1, 2, 4, 5 and stress on myth 3. 

I believe that leadership is the result of a charismatic personality. 

It is a divinely conferred power or talent which comprises of all required leadership ingredients and components giving birth to passion, vision and purpose to produce a result which influence another person’s life without a force or threat.  

Therefore, true leadership must not and never in any way influence through forceful control, oppression, dictatorship or manipulation of others, as we are seeing today with our Members of Parliament using threats and violence to influence us. 

True leadership is earned when people willfully submit their authority to another person, motivated by his inspiration through good caring actions, attitude and behavior. 

Having said this, I wish to encourage all citizens of this great nation to draw from this definition and chose leaders wisely and vote for those who have honestly motivated or inspired you today in the coming elections to help restore democracy, peace and justice again in PNG. 

We have entrusted and rested power to the wrong bunch of politicians over the last five years who have betrayed us and made us suffered enough already.

We must not repeat this mistakes again because come June and July 2017 the power will rest in the hands of each and every individual citizen of this country to make a better choice again. Avoid power hungry leaders going around with bags of money because they are not true leaders but wolves in sheep skins. 

Once they are in power they will never listen to us and they will continue to dictate and threaten us while we keep on suffering just as those who have suffered under Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin. 

They forcefully applied their wills over people but they were not leaders in the true sense.


Wanbel Niape

Boroko, NCD