Leaders must reconsider supporting bill

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the MPs’ vote to remove the powers of the Ombudsman Commission.
It is a slap to the ordinary people of this country.
It shows our current leaders have no regard for the established agencies put in place as a mechanism for check and balance.
Why are our leaders afraid of the Ombudsman?
Leaders are given the mandate to represent the people in Parliament.
They are supposed to practise good governance but what we have seen is anything but that.
Any right-thinking citizen of this country must stand up against this move.
Leaders in the past have faced the Ombudsman and it is not right and fair for the current bunch of so-called leaders to put their own interest ahead of national interest.
What is wrong with being kept in check?
As MPS, you represent our interests and you should be kept in check.
As such, I call on our leaders to reconsider supporting the bill before it is passed.
If our good leaders are misled by the advocates of this bill, then we are in trouble.
Why isn’t there similar support for the proposed Kondra bill which is in the interest of the majority of the common people?


Kevin Ming Ahipum
Salamaua, Huon Gulf