Leaders: Naru’s comment wrong

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The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013


TWO Imbonggu leaders  living  along the Highlands Highway at Kisenepoi, in Southern Highlands, are unhappy with  Morobe Governor Kelly Naru’s call to sack Work and Implementation Minister Francis Awesa.

They are the acting chairman of the Highlands Highway rehabilitation programme (HHRP) Joe Korowe and chairman of the Imbonggu district lands in Southern Highlands, Francis Kamboa.

The pair said  Naru’s call was  shallow and did not justify or  reflect Awesa’s work.

They said Awesa had been doing well in building roads throughout the country.

“Governor Kelly Naru even requested the highest office – of the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill – to sack Awesa.

Naru attacked Awesa over his suggestion that K100 million was sitting in a Lae trust fund waiting to be uplifted for the badly needed roadworks 

“This, I believe, is politically motivated, totally wrong and there are no grounds for him to base his comments,” Kamboa said of Naru.

 “I think the Highlands Highway is the major concern,   the government needs to look into it as the region contributes 80% of the country’s revenue,” Kamboa said.

Korowe said it was inappropriate for Naru to make such a comment during the Morobe Show, as it should have been raised in parliament.

Korowe said the government should give priority to roads in the Highlands.