Leaders plan to seek God first in church activities


Church leaders in Northern have resolved to do and conduct church activities according to the will and purpose of God and not by their own ways and thoughts.
Renewal Church Leaders from Siribu, Dea, Tabaune, Koeno, Kaura and Afore in the Afore LLG, Ijivitari district , contributed insights and teaching from the Bible, stressing that knowledge was good but wisdom made it better.
Pr Randol Kuarisi said churches need to retain the glory of God that was missing today due to compromise and sin that was widespread throughout all churches.
“We need to seek God’s face if we want to return to former glory and splendor that was present in the church,” he said
Kuarisi said they could do this by humbling and repenting before God like 2 Chronicles 7:14 says.
Church leader Glanville Makanisa said the church had added and subtracted some original teachings from the Holy Word.
He said church leaders needed to identify these teachings and return to the original truth.