Leaders praise O’Neill

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The National, Monday 06th August, 2012

LEADERS of coalition parties instrumental in elevating Peter O’Neill back to Prime Minister have heaped praise on the Ialibu-Pangia MP.
A former prime minister and leader of the People’s Progress Party, New Ireland Governor elect, Sir Julius Chan, described O’Neill as an exceptionally patient young man.
He said with O’Neill’s election as PM, it was now time to grow up and stop fighting against each other.
Sir Julius warned that the country was at the crossroads and the government needed to show people that it cared.“Let’s move forward together,” he said.
Don Pomb Polye, leader of the Triumph, Heritage, Empowerment Party, said he had advocated for reconciliation during the political impasse days and was glad to see that spirit of reconciliation in the current coalition. He said Sir Michael Somare’s reconciliation with O’Neill signalled it was time to restore values which leaders may have lost over the years.
Polye said the government must serve the people and the country over self.
 “The future is sure to be more uncertain if we stray from the principles of good governance, quality leadership and honesty,” he said.Hagen MP elect and leader of the United Resources Party, William Duma, said he admired the Prime Minister elect for allowing the elections to go ahead as scheduled despite stiff opposition from some MPs. “The people’s confidence in your leadership can be seen in the majority number of successful candidates from the PNC,” he said.Duma warned that institutions and infrastructure were deteriorating throughout the country and the government needed to address and right the problems.
He said with three former prime minister’s backing O’Neill with the support of honest and vibrant young leaders, nothing could possibly go wrong.