Leaders urged to take charge of social issues

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The National, Wednesday 5th September, 2012

VICE-Minister for Public Enterprises Johnson Tuke says the law and order issue in the country needs every leaders’ intervention.
Tuke said yesterday in Port Moresby that during his electorate tour last week he stressed the need to maintaining law and order to various community leaders.
“I told my people that during my term in office, I will seriously address law and order in my electorate and urge community leaders for their co-operation,” he said.
The member said he would initiate peace
ceremonies between warring tribes in his electorate.
“As a concerned lea­der, I see that our people need our presence, support and intervention
to maintain peace in
the communities,” he said.
Tuke said during the next five years, he would make sure that his people become law abiding citizens of the province and the nation.
He will initiate many positive activities in the electorate so that people are kept busy and abstain from illegal activities.
The member said law and order could be maintained through educational awareness carried out by groups such as churches and the government at the rural level.