Leaders urged to take on Sir Michael’s legacy

The National, Monday July 11th, 2016

Former Morobe governor Sir Jerry Nalau has challenged political leaders of Mamose region to analyse their aspirations and the way leadership and development activities of the region were heading.
Speaking during the visit of Sir Michael Somare to his old school, Dregerhaven in Finschhafen, Sir Jerry raised concern over solidarity and political leadership within the region and asked who would take on the legacy set by Sir Michael Somare to lead the region under current trend of changes.
He said Sir Michael crafted the Mamose secretariat and was vocal over the governance of Mamose.
However, it came to a stage where the “solidarity net of Mamose leaders were slowly losing its grip,” Sir Jerry said.
“Where is Mamose leadership and governance ability to lead our region?
“Mamose leaders, turn around and look at our regional issues, this region is where your birth right is. It is our pillar that we all must proudly embrace and work together,” Sir Jerry said.
“Forefathers of Mamose region brought to this country political leadership, spread the Good News of the Lord, business ideas and skills through struggles they endured.
“Mamose governance, reflect and realise how this region is heading, in which direction, our performance in socio-economic activities and give a new lease of life to it,” Sir Jerry said.
“Otherwise, Sir Michael will take all leadership qualities and wisdom with him.”
Sir Jerry also expressed appreciation to Sir Michael for a K2.5 million assistance to the Dregerhafen Secondary School.