Leaders urged to work together to deliver service to the people

National, Normal


JIMI MP Wake Goi wants community leaders, public servants and businessmen to set aside political differences and work together to deliver basic goods and services to the people.
“Only when there is unity and cooperation, the services will reach the people,” he told The National in Mt Hagen last Friday.
Mr Goi said he had delivered many services to the people in the rural areas to help change their quality of life.
“I will try my best to deliver services to the people with whatever resources and funds available so that everyone can benefit,” he said.
Mr Goi said there were many so-called leaders who were going around politicking but they had forgotten that changes would take time.
“Village councillors should explain to the people what kind of service is there and how long it would take to reach them.
“Even a public servant or businessman can also take the lead to help educate the people and work with their MPs so that the people are not frustrated or suffering.
“The time to play politics is 2012.
“Therefore, councillors and businessmen in the district must stop misleading the people.
“Funds allocated under the DSIP have been used meaningfully and properly.
“There is no way anyone can use this as a stepping stone to play politics.
“Public servants, leaders or businessmen who have contributed to the development of the district are doing so for the people,” he said.
Mr Goi also warned the people not to listen to people campaigning against him.
“The people in my electorate are now seeing many changes, unlike in the past when very few people benefited and majority missed out.
“Look after the services that have been delivered because Jimi is big and very remote, and it is also overpopulated and will take time for services to reach everyone.”