Leaders way off intended targets

Letters, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 26, 2011

 LEADERS, have we lost the sense and purpose of running this country? 

Look at how we are ruining and destroying our own country. 

Don’t drive around in your expensive cars, live in the comfort of your luxury homes and eat at the expensive restaurants. 

Try to be real sometime, walk your own streets, and see what I am talking about here. 

Maybe, spend only a day in one of the settlements and see for yourself how your people are living and behaving, or get to one of the remotest villages and see how hard life is for the people there.

Ask yourself, is this how things should be in a rich country? 

If there is something wrong, what is it and how should it be solved?

Leaders make decisions to save the future and make the present less of struggles and pains.

Leaders are to solve problems and to create opportunities for the people to make use of. 

Leaders are not fortune hunters or seekers of large retirement benefits.

Which one are you our so-called MPs?


Lucas Kiap