Leadership in denial will not deliver goods

Letters, Normal

A LEADERSHIP that is living in denial will never alleviate Papua New Guinea from all the socio-economic woes facing us today.
It will not lead us to eradicate poverty, high illiteracy rate, high infant mortality rates and corruption.
Our public service will continue to remain dysfunctional.
There will not be any political will to address corruption.
Our history has shown regardless of whoever is prime minister or which party forms government, PNG’s mentality will remain the same – that
of an under-develop nation.
I would like to believe that with LNG projects and others on the horizon, it is perhaps the right time for PNG to break away from its cocoon of politico-socioeconomic bondage and be completely free to do what is best for its future and destiny. 
For this to happen, we need an extraordinary person and an excellent team of God-fearing people to see us through this transition period.
PNG needs leaders like George Washington, Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore or Dr Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia.
These world leaders built countries from scratch and that is exactly what we must do for PNG in order for our children to at least have a destiny of prosperity, success and dreams.
In theory, given the vast natural resource we have, PNG can sustain a population of 20 million with enough schools, hospitals, food, money and space. 
This semi-utopic scenario can happen if we have a nation that is free of corruption, greed and with a society based on human spirit of justice, equality and reward for personal achievement.
Leaders that could make up this team would include Sam Basil, Powes Parkop, Anderson Agiru, William Duma, Don Polye and Sir Rabbie Namaliu.
With such a team, Papua New Guineans will have more hope than hype.
We should not continue to live in denial by electing the same corrupt leaders into Parliament.
If the people really want to see changes, then the first thing they need to do is get rid of the clowns, actors, thieves, con artists and deadwood in the 2012 national election.

Dr Ralph Mana
Kagoshima, Japan