Leadership key area affecting co-operative societies: Official


LEADERSHIP is one of the key issues affecting many co-operative societies in the country, says Dr Reuben Sengere.
He is the programme manager marketing and partnership of the Coffee Industry Cooperation who attended the consultation for a cooperative development policy in Port Moresby yesterday. He said many co-operative societies died out because of misappropriation and mismanagement.
“If you go back to the 1950s and 60s, most cooperatives were good (because of) the very strong traditional system then,” he said.
“We are in a period where PNG needs transition. Many of us are battling our traditional system with our modern world systems. That is where things are not working right,” Dr Reuben said.
Department of Commerce and Industry acting secretary Joseph Vutliu said the new policy would allow everyone to be financially literate and to know the basics of entrepreneurship to bridge the gap between the formal and informal sector.
“Co-operative societies will enhance micro-small-medium enterprises and SMEs as well as large co-operative-based enterprises,” he said.
“Co-operatives must create employment at district level and provide for internal trade (between) co-operatives. Co-operatives are meant for any group to engage in economic, social, cultural and environmental activities by virtue of the co-operative values and co-operative principles,” he said.