Leadership that fails


A quality of being a good leader, whether in the community, district, and provincial or the national level, is for the leader to have people positioned at the bottom of his or her heart.
He or she must love the people that he or she intends to lead as if they are his or her own family members.
This is the only way to be part and parcel of the people and to effectively serve them in terms of efficient service delivery and proactive leadership provision.
However, this doesn’t seems to be the case with most of our national leaders.
They love and prioritise their personal wealth and fame at the expense of the poor people who they claim to represent.
Being entrusted and elected into the Parliament as a representative or mouthpiece of the people, they take that as an opportunity to defraud and build their personal wealth by using every fraudulent way possible.
Indeed, most of our MPs do not care about the welfare of the poor citizens of Papua New Guinea.
They do not care whether the local economy is healthy or not, or whether the society is inflicted with violence and other anti-social behaviour or if they are living in peace and tranquility.
They do not care whether our health system is in good shape or if the people are receiving the best healthcare or not, or whether the status of our education system is effective with graduates accommodated and catered for.
Truly, we are being represented by some heartless and self-centred individuals who continue to pursue personal wealth and glory in the guise of provisioning leadership. Furthermore, they see the very people that gives them the mandate to enjoy such luxury as an evil or enemy and hide away living overseas with their families.
They continue to invest their loots overseas instead of investing within the country which can provide employment opportunities
and other spinoff benefits that can, at least, help improve our ever deteriorating economy.
Unfortunately, year in, year out, young men and women, reputable leaders and even pastors, too, have been elected into Parliament to provide people-oriented leadership but once there they do something else.
Once mandated, everyone follows the usual trend of engaging in every fraudulent means possible to enrich oneself and build ones’ empire. Something is wrong somewhere. Something needs to change.

Maxuel Vincent Lulua

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